Liquid Sensor

Liquid Sensor LS-X

Used with a DanTaet system for protection of sensitive points against aggregate water.

Thermo Transmitter pair

Thermo Transmitter pair f/WLP-2

Employed whenever WLP-2 or WLP-2-BCW must calculate energy transfer to/from the installation (option E).

Pressure Transmitter pair

Pressure Transmitter pair f/WLP-2

Employed whenever WLP-2 must cut off the installation when operating pressure fails (option P). This serves to reduce media loss during transmission grid works, and to minimize trouble putting the installation bask in operation.

Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Outdoor Temperature Sensor f. WLP-2 or KMP-F

Used when a protected heating installation comprises air conditioners with outside air intake to prevent the execution of tightness testing when weather conditions are unfavourable. Especially important in installations having older, non-freeze-proof calorifiers.

Liquid Sensor Interface ILS-C

Liquid Sensor Interface ILS-C

Employed whenever one or two liquid sensors type LS-X must be attached to a controller type BB, FB, FX, CB/B, CB/X (Domestic), SB (Stable/Barn) or ICW-3 (Industry).

RS-232 interface

RS-232 interface

Employed when a single L-PS-X must attach to a computer.

RS-485 interface

RS-485 interface

Employed whenever an L-PS-X, WLP-1 or WLP-2 must connect to a DCN network.

Siemens GSM/GPRS modem

Siemens GSM/GPRS modem

Employed whenever a type SB, WLP-1 or WLP-2 must perform alarm calls or deliver text messages via cellphone network.

SMS alarm via GSM

SMS-alarm via GSM

Attaches to the alarm relay of a system, so that by alarm a text message is delivered to a preselected cell phone number.
Requires a mobile phone subscription (SIM card).

Single Flow Meter Interface

Flowmeter interface single

Cable driver mounted by flow meter when this is situated far away from flow computer.

Dual Flow Meter Interface

Flowmeter interface dual

Cable driver mounted by a pair of flow meters when they are situated far from flow computer.