Liquid Sensor System



Any type of building for protection from water egress or ingress in particularly exposed, sensitive or difficult-to-inspect locations, such as installation shafts and crawl spaces.

  • Controller type SLSI
  • Liquid Sensor type LS-X
  • Mains Adaptor

Monitoring Functions:

Water aggregation
System SLSI issues an alarm when the attached liquid sensor LS-X reports aggregate water. An internal jumper selects automatic or manual reset (power cycling) when water aggregation subsides.

Cable Fault:
System SLSI issues an alarm when the liquid sensor connection is interrupted by e.g. cutting or shorting of the sensor cable.

Alarm Functions:
On water aggregation and cable fault, system SLSI will deactivate the main alarm relay and issue visible and audible alarm. Simultaneously, an auxiliary alarm- or valve relay is deactivated. A front panel indicator shows the meausuring point status via a three-color LED.

Status Indicator and Buzzer.


One measuring channel servicing a liquid sensor type LS-X. The setting of internal jumpers determines alarm function, auxiliary relay function, buzzer and autoreset functions.

Alarm Output:
Fail-safe, floating SPDT in main alarm relay (energized in the normal condition). May be used for attachment to BMS or SMS (text) alarm message module.
Fail-safe, floating SPDT in auxiliary alarm relay (energized in the normal condition). May be used as auxiliary alarm output, or to switch drive voltage for e.g. a magnetic valve or a siren.

Liquid Sensor type LS-X:
Sensor electrodes are gold plated for corrosin resistance. Aggregation of sufficient water to make contact between electrodes of the sensor will cause detection and alarm response.

Dim.: 24 x 72 mm
Measuring Voltage: app. 900mVac 300Hz
Cable 2 mtr.
Other cable lengths on demand.

Download SLSI data sheet in pdf format

Download SLSI wiring diagram in pdf format

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