Housing blocks

Leak Protection of apartment blocks has traditionally been associated with particular challenges:

  1. The common protection of a large number of dwellings requires high alarm thresholds
  2. water supply shut-off causes serious comfort problems
  3. a local warden is needed for alarm handling

DanTaet offers a solution for securing apartment blocks that meets these challenges, i.e. a practical leak protection with real utility value.

The solution relies on the use of the KMP-V supply water leak protection which uses PSALM® technology to address challenge 1 above.

To address challenges 2 and 3 AERS (DanTaet Alarm and Energy Registration System), which relays alarms to a duty manager’s smartphone, on which he can quickly retrieve a curve of water consumption prior to the alarm, in order to decide whether to restart the leak detection and open the shut-off valve remotely, or to go to the block’s plant room to acknowledge the alarm and monitor the situation.

This means that incidents that appear to be due to random, transient overconsumption and incidents that appear to be due to modest, systematic consumption can be dealt with quickly and therefore only with short-term discomfort.

It also means that the duty watch does not necessarily have to be on the property or in its immediate vicinity.

At the same time, AERS allows multiple people to be responsible for overseeing a property.



In the property, the AERS installation consists of one or more DanTaet installations connected to either 5G, WiFi or wired networks. AERS can also collect data from electricity meters and other meters with an M-bus interface.

In AERS, water and heat consumption can be presented graphically in different time resolutions, and data can be extracted to spreadsheets, pdf files, etc.

The property manager can assign different privileges to employees, so that operational and administrative staff have different powers.
AERS may serve any number of customers, each of whom may have any number of properties.

Of course, customers can only view data and receive alarms from their own properties. However, it is possible for a customer to delegate privileges to a third party, such as an alarm centre or a plumbing company.

With DanTaet and AERS, insurance companies’ requirements for leakage protection of a property can be met without causing undue inconvenience to the property’s occupants/tenants.

Properties with mixed residential/commercial tenancies can also be leak protected.