Odense Handball

DanTaet has been a proud shareholder in Odense Handball since 2015

Part of the shareholder circle for more than 9 years

DanTaet have since 2015 been an active part of the shareholder circle in Odense Handball. A club that has developed both on and off the pitch in the recent years, to become one of the biggest clubs in the world of women’s handball.

From where it all began..

Back in 2015 where the name of the club was HC Odense, DanTaet became a part of the shareholder circle, and took part in the common goal of making the club a worldwide known club. Over the years, interest from new partners increased, the shareholder circle got bigger, and the club changed its name to what we know today as Odense Handball. 

The mission of Odense Handball is to act proffesionally and solution-oriented in everything the organization does. DanTaet sees great synergy in these values, as well as Odense Handball’s commitment to creating value and growth, which is acknowledged by DanTaet.  

 We aim to make a difference where we can, and DanTaet strives to make a difference together with Odense Handball. In addition to contributing to the projects on and off the field, DanTaet strives to make Odense Handball an attractive partner, and thereby create a community for all of Fyn.


Personal sponsorhip – Malin Aune

DanTaet is the personal sponsor for the talented Norwegian Malin Aune, who plays on the right wing.  

A personal sponsorship allows DanTaet to get up close with Malin, meet her on a personal level, and see her as a individual beyond just being a handball player. 

Together with Malin and the rest of Odense Handball, DanTaet contributes to the unity within Odense Handball, aiming to create great experiences, build strong relationships and positive results. 

 The ambitions for Odense Handball as well as DanTaet are significant. In 2021 and 2022, the club won gold in the domestic league, as well as securing the Cup trophy for the first time in 2021. The start of season 2023-2024 were with new coaches and 8 new players, but the team still managed to clinch the Super Cup trophy with an almost unproven team, against the league rivals Team Esbjerg. 

Odense Handball, season 2023-2024