Private residence

At DanTaet, we take pride in securing your entire home. Whether you want to secure your supply water or district heating installation, DanTaet has solutions to suit. All DanTaet systems can be monitored and controlled remotely online, so you always have an up-to-date overview of the status of your installations. In addition,leading Danish insurance companies support water damage prevention with DanTaet through up to 50% discount on relevant insurance.

Supply water

For use in simple installations without break tanks, system BI offers a price advantageous solution.

District heating

Using patented technology, DanTaet offers a uniquely high level of protection for district heating installations.

The DanTaet system monitors your district heating installation around the clock, all year round, and alerts you as soon as a leak is detected.

Using our patented OptiTight technology, we can detect and alert you to even the smallest seepage.

DanTaet AERS

Developed by DanTaet in close collaboration with our customers to support both reactive and proactive leak protection work.

The system acts as an online link between the leak protection systems and you. You can monitor the consumption and status of your installations online and in real time.

Wireless sensors

For humidity, water aggregation and temperature, DanTaet offers wireless sensors that allow you to point monitor your installations.

For example, place a water aggregation sensor under your dishwasher or fridge and be notified immediately if a leak is detected.

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